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Canada is one of the fastest growing destinations for the International students. Spouse of any international student, who is enrolled in a full time study program of one year in Canada at a recognized learning institute, college or university are eligible to apply for an open work permit visa.

The program of study must be full time and at least one year in duration. Open work permit visa for Spouse allows your spouse to work full time while they are in Canada.

To apply for Open work permit as a spouse of study permit holder in Canada you need to provide proper documentation. Representation with a precise information and documentation makes a huge difference. Generally the visa issued is of the same time period as that of study permit. The average processing time for open work permit is 5-8 weeks.

There are limited numbers of restrictions for this visa type. At Canadaspousevisa.ca professionals well versed with criteria listed in IRPR prepares your application which is finally checked and verified by RCIC- Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.In certain case when direct open work permit visa is not possible, spouse/partners come to Canada as visitors first and later apply for an open work permit.

Those spouses who are already in Canada on an open work permit can also extend their visa. Mostly same duration of visa is issued to spouse of post study work permit holder. Spouses of provincial nominee work permit holders can also apply for open work permit visa. Open work permit allows the spouse to work on full time basis in Canada but spouse on open work permit cannot study on same visa in Canada. The processing time is 5-8 weeks on an average. We will try to solve your queries and will bring necessary changes to represent your application in a best view. Once our team receives documents for processing you will be updated at each stage. Processing includes filling forms and drafting necessary letters addressing IRCC.